Integration of new activities

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The study focused on the operational and economic feasibility of integrating new logistics activities. First of all, we mapped the flows concerned and identified the necessary prerequisites. And then listed the operational and financial benefits of integrating these activities. The last phase consisted of defining a new organization, establishing a plan for the gradual [...]

Diagnosis Direction Supply

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The study consisted of identifying areas for improvement in the Purchasing and Supply Department. A business diagnostic was realized, we interviewed the operational staff, analyzed the data, mapped the processes and identified the quickwins. At the end, we introduced recommendations in order of priority with an accompanying program.

Lean Project: Reduction waiting time

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The waiting time in factories adversely affected the quality of customer service. A diagnosis of the whole order process was made to identify the causes and find the axes on which we could reduce the waiting time. The project involves Commercial, Supply Chain and Industrial departments. We made in place several actions. We have [...]